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Microsoft Word is still considered by most industry experts to be the benchmark for word processing and is widely used throughout the corporate office environment. Many users though do not utilise Word to its’ true potential. At Raising the Bar we take Microsoft Word to new levels of usability and professionalism through expert training and knowledge. Students will be able to create those business documents that you need more efficiently, whilst attaining that professional look you require through the vast array of tools available to them.

Raising the Bar employs Microsoft Office Master Instructors to deliver these courses, Word Basic, Word Intermediate, Word Advanced.

Word Training Courses

Word 2010

Word 2010 training courses
CourseDuration(inc GST)
(inc GST)
Sale Price
Word Beginner 20101 day$385
Word Intermediate 20101 day$385
Word Advanced 20101 day$385

Word 2013

Word 2013 training courses
CourseDuration(inc GST)
(inc GST)
Sale Price
Word Beginner 20131 day$385
Word Intermediate 20131 day$385
Word Advanced 20131 day$385

Course Inclusions

FREE Course Re-sit

8 months

When you book a public course at Raisng the Bar we offer you a FREE course re-sit for up to 8 months from the scheduled course date.

FREE Email Support

12 months

Free email support for up to 12 months from the scheduled course date.

Small Class Sizes

10 students

All of our courses are capped at a maximum of 10 students to maximise your learning experience.

Classroom Training

All of our courses are face to face, hands on, classroom based training delievered by certified Microsoft Office Master Instructors.

Course Manual

Every student will receive a printed course manual with step by step instructions to use as a reference guide.

Computer Lab

No need to bring your own laptop. Our training courses are conducted in fully equipped computer labs with free Wi-Fi.

Course Certificate

Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of course to recognise your new Word skills.

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Student Comments

  • Word Basic Training Course
    Excellent course for someone who requires a working knowledge of word for basis day to day transactions
    - Barry
  • Word Intermediate Training Course
    The course was excellent.
    - Ruth
  • Word Intermediate Training Course
    - May
  • Word Intermediate training course
    More room for notes after each section
    - William
  • Word Advanced training course
    It was a useful and pleasant experience. I`d definitely come back here again.
    - Carly
  • Word Basic Training Course
    Sean was easy to understand and excellent at discussing the programme in layman’s terms. In the past I’ve found computer courses to be too difficult to follow due to excessive use of computer terminology, this course was easy to follow and has been v
    - Isobel
  • Word Intermediate Training Course
    Extremely well presented with excellent working knowledge of the program, and easy to follow
    - Tom
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent course and presentation, thank you
    - Carmel
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent and very well conducted . Loved the pace, the trainer was extremely informative
    - Chhavi
  • Word Advanced training course
    Really enjoyed it
    - Debra
  • Word Training Course - Advanced
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am racing back to my desk to apply for the Advanced course!! Thank you Craig.
    - Sarah
  • Word Intermediate Training Course
    Good - hope everything has gone in - will be back probably - should have booked course in excel as well
    - Marcia
  • Word Intermediate training course
    Brilliant course and Craig was amazing
    - Portia
  • Word Basic Training Course
    Excellent course and extremely well presented. Would love to do further training.
    - Jean
  • Word Intermediate training course
    Trainer was highly knowledgeable
    - Rhonda
  • Word Intermediate training course
    Enjoyed it and would do further training
    - Kerri
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Very helpful. Excellent.
    - Vanessa
  • Word Basic Training Course
    Your lecturer was excellent
    - Michael
  • Word Training Course - Intermediate
    All the Raising the Bar courses leave me eager to do more
    - Peter
  • Word Intermediate training course
    Craig is great at what he does, and the attention to detail is super.
    - Varun
  • Word Intermediate Training Course
    Excellent and extremely well conducted course, thanks Libby
    - Chhavi
  • Word Advanced training course
    I would like to thank Libby for coming and explaining all the wonderful things you can do with word and excel that I hadn't seen before in my previous office courses.
    - Monica
  • Word Advanced training course
    I found this course very helpful as I don`t use certain features but now require them for my job.
    - Kim
  • Word Basic Training Course
    The course and the venue are very professional, but friendly as well.
    - Heather
  • WordPress Essentials training course
    I will strongly recommend this course to my friends. I highly appreciate Jonathon`s explanation and real help. Thank you very much. He is a very professional and wise person. Thank you
    - Nadia
  • Word Intermediate training course
    Thanks Cressida! Learnt heaps!
    - Dominique
  • Word Training Course - Basic
    I am looking forward to putting my new skills into practise. This course was extremely well presented and really enhanced my skills. Thanks Kate
    - Alicia
  • Word Intermediate training course
    Very well presented and great course content.
    - Steven
  • Word Advanced Training Course
    Excellent, extremely helpful and informative
    - Geoff
  • Word Intermediate Training Course
    All very well presented, excellent facilities, great people, loved my teacher, lovely how tea/coffee/snacks were provided.
    - Madeleine
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